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$3.8 billion
Amount in child support collected in the 2015 fiscal year by the Texas Attorney General's Child Support Division, a sum that grew by $162 million between 2014 and 2015--accounting for fully 45.2 percent of the national increase of $360 million--and which the agency says makes Texas first among 54 states, territories and districts for the amount of child support collected
>> Houston Chronicle | Posted June 23, 2016

Amount that a 27-year-old man who is serving a 50-year sentence for fatally shooting two unarmed men, and who owes $50,681 in restitution in his murder convictions, will receive in a settlement with Yakima County, Wash., after accusing the county of violating public-disclosure laws by heavily redacting records he requested, with a county prosecutor saying some of the redactions were unwarranted and that simply preparing to defend the case would have cost more than the settlement
>> Yakima Herald-Republic | Posted June 22, 2016

About 1 in 10
Number of the California State University system's 460,000 students who are homeless, while one in five doesn't have steady access to enough food, according to the initial findings of a Cal State study launched to better understand and address an issue that remains largely undocumented at the nation's public universities.
>> Los Angeles Times | Posted June 21, 2016

Amount that Henry Sciortino, who was removed recently from his $12,000-a-month job as executive director of the Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority tasked with oversight of Pittsburgh's struggling finances, was paid by the state from December 2008 through July 2015 for unused vacation and personal days, with the authority's interim executive director saying he had been able to find no documentation of Sciortino's leave or days worked
>> Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | Posted June 20, 2016

Number of hours of video, along with more than 13,000 photographs and more than 40,000 pages of FBI reports, that have been provided for the federal conspiracy trials of defendants in the takeover of Oregon's Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, a volume of evidence raising concerns among defense lawyers who have to decipher it but who also are pushing the government to release additional information from the FBI's investigation
>> The Oregonian | Posted June 17, 2016

Average salary and bonuses of Los Angeles' small corps of full-time port pilots in 2015, making them by far the city's highest-paid employees, with a rare opening last year filled by Michael J. Rubino, whose father is the city's chief port pilot, although Rubino was later terminated when it turned out that his application for the job had overstated his tenure as a tugboat captain
>> Los Angeles Times | Posted June 16, 2016

Listing price for a five-bedroom, four-bath home in the Washington, D.C., suburb of Springfield, Va., that was built with the help of Fairfax County high school students who worked alongside professionals as part of a building-trades class aimed at giving a practical edge to students who want to become architects or engineers
>> Washington Post | Posted June 15, 2016

More than $320 million
Amount that Maryland's public pension system, which is on track to fail to meet its modest goal of a 0.51 percent return on investments for fiscal 2016, pays each year to professional fund managers who tout their ability to beat the market with smart investments, bolstering an argument that, as some other states have done recently, it should bid farewell to high-cost financial wizards and shift more money into passively managed index funds
>> Washington Post | Posted June 14, 2016

Average daily percentage of drivers in the San Francisco Bay area's carpool lanes who use the lanes during the morning commute without the required number of passengers, according to a study by regional transportation officials, resulting in the carpool lanes failing to meet federal standards that require speeds of 45 mph or more 90 percent of the time and raising concerns that continuing to fall short of the standards could lead to a loss of federal highway funds
>> San Francisco Chronicle | Posted June 13, 2016

Percentage of federal employees in permanent General Schedule pay grades 13 to 15 at 24 major agencies who received performance ratings of "outstanding" or "exceeds fully successful" during calendar year 2013, compared to 67 percent in grades 9 through 12 and 60 percent in grades 1 through 8, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office
>> Government Executive | Posted June 10, 2016

$8.8 billion
Amount that the federal government spent in fiscal 2015 on the sensor-driven technology known as "the internet of things," a 20 percent increase from the previous fiscal year driven mostly by defense spending, according to a report from Govini, a research analysis firm
>> Nextgov | Posted June 9, 2016

More than 300 million
Number of people who visited all U.S. national park sites in 2015, including lakeshores, seashores, and monuments as well as the national parks themselves, a 14-million-person increase from 2014, with the National Park Service looking at another record year of visitors and looking for new ways to cope with--or limit--the flow as it prepares to celebrate 100 years in existence
>> Christian Science Monitor | Posted June 8, 2016

About 650,000
Number of newly registered voters in California going into today's presidential primary, expanding the state's electorate to nearly 18 million in a surge attributed to the race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination, with one poll suggesting that about two-thirds will cast their ballots by mail
>> AP/San Francisco Chronicle | Posted June 7, 2016

Number of Americans who renounced their U.S. citizenship in the first quarter of this year, more than 10 times the number in the first quarter of 2008, with the spike in expatriations that began in 2013 attributed not to fears of a Donald Trump presidency but to new federal tax-reporting requirements and penalties for assets held overseas by U.S. citizens, rules aimed at detecting and discouraging tax evasion via offshore bank accounts
>> Washington Post | Posted June 6, 2016

10 cents
Amount Indiana will charge this weekend for entry to any of the state's 24 parks and eight reservoir properties, which normally cost $7 for in-state vehicles, as a way of celebrating the state park system's centennial by charging the same for admission that visitors paid when the first of the parks were created in 1916
>> Indianapolis Star | Posted June 3, 2016

Average decrease in the amount that students who earned vocational certificates from for-profit colleges made annually after attending the schools than they did before attending them, while demographically similar students who received the same certifications from public community colleges earned $1,500 more than they did before attending those schools, according to a new National Bureau of Economic Research study
>> Washington Post | Posted June 2, 2016

Average cost of replacing a service water line in Flint, Mich., to deal with city's contaminated water, nearly double the $4,000 estimated by the state Department of Environmental Quality last fall, according to a report for the state by an engineering firm indicating that the earlier estimate by the DEQ did not include permit fees
>> Detroit Free Press | Posted June 1, 2016

Decrease in the amount of forefeitures paid by individuals and companies for violating Wisconsin environmental laws between 2014 and 2015, to $306,834, reflecting a drop-off of Department of Natural Resources enforcement activity under the administration of Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican who took office with a vow to make DNR more friendly to the private sector
>> Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | Posted May 31, 2016

Population of Detroit as of last summer, a loss of 3,107 residents from the previous year that caused the city to lose its position as one of the nation's 20 most populous cities for the first time since before the Civil War, according to new estimates by the Census Bureau
>> Detroit News | Posted May 20, 2016

South Dakota's unfunded liability, as a share of personal income, for public-employee pensions and retiree health care, the lowest percentage among the states, with residents of Alaska shouldering the heaviest burden, 49.9 percent of their personal income, according to a report from the Pew Charitable Trusts based on 2013 data and placing the national average at 14.8 percent
>> Pew Charitable Trusts | Posted May 19, 2016

Number of entries received in a Milwaukee graphic artist's contest to redesign the city's official flag, which a local radio host with a self-described flag obsession has labeled as "a hot mess," packed as the banner is with a barrage of images ranging from a ship to the old County Stadium to a giant stalk of wheat honoring the city's brewing industry
>> Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | Posted May 18, 2016

Number of U.S. Postal Service workers who were attacked by dogs in 2015, a 14 percent increase from the year before, with Houston's 77 attacks placing it in the top spot, according to an annual report by the Postal Service, which says it is putting in place new measures to alert letter carriers of dogs on their routes
>> Washington Post | Posted May 17, 2016

Nearly 1.8 billion
Current annual number of rides on New York City's subways, the highest number since 1948 and one that has resulted in delays caused by overcrowding quadrupling since 2012 to more that 20,000 each month
>> New York Times | Posted May 16, 2016

$6.6 billion
Annual amount that California, which now spends more than $2 billion a year on health care for retired state employees, would have to spend to cover current health care costs and whittle down its $80.3 billion unfunded liability for future retiree health-care obligations, according to a new report from the Pew Charitable Trusts looking at the issue in states across the country
>> Sacramento Bee | Posted May 13, 2016

Percentage of government respondents to a recent survey who had moderate, weak or no knowledge at all of federal accessibility requirements for government websites, at a time when the federal government has been paying closer attention to cases where local government websites fail to meet standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act
>> Route Fifty | Posted May 12, 2016

Number of Seattle's some 13,000 city employees--fewer than 1 percent--who as of May 5 were enrolled in the city's struggling Pronto bike-share system despite a city-subsized membership program, with neither Nicole Freedman, who leads the city's biking efforts, nor transportation director Scott Kubly holding a membership
>> Seattle Times | Posted May 11, 2016

$55 million
Amount that Washington, D.C., spent on snow removal from a January blizzard that dumped almost two feet of snow, more than it cost the District to get rid of snow in the past seven years combined and almost half of which charged on city credit cards, with the record spending driven by hastily arranged deals between the city and contractors up and down the East Coast at a time when the snow threatened to paralyze the District
>> Washington Post | Posted May 10, 2016

Number of civilian presidential nominees the Senate confirmed in the current session of Congress through April 30, the fewest of any Congress in the past 30 years, according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service commissioned by Senate Democratic leaders taking issue with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's portrayal of the upper house as "working again" under his Republican majority
>> Washington Post | Posted May 9, 2016

More than 1 million
Number of cases of bottled water that were distributed to residents of Flint, Mich., along with 110,000 water filters, between Jan. 9 and this Wednesday, according to a tweet from Gov. Rick Snyder's office linking to a video saying that "by working together, we will move past this crisis"
>> Detroit News | Posted May 6, 2016

Percentage of the 2,447 first-year students who had committed as of May 1 to attending the University of Maine this fall who are from outside of the state, up from 35 percent last year and an enrollment surge that has come after UMaine slashed tuition and fees for students from other New England states as well as New Jersey and Pennsylvania, charging them the same as they would pay at their home states' flagship institutions
>> Boston Globe | Posted May 5, 2016

Number of years U.S. Rep. Walter Jones, a North Carolina Republican and member of the House Armed Services Committee whose district includes Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Station New River, has introduced a resolution to redesignate the Department of the Navy as the Department of the Navy and Marine Corps, saying as he introduced his latest effort that "I plan to keep fighting like a bulldog" for the change
>> Marine Corps Times | Posted May 4, 2016

Number of the 1,487 requests in 2015 by the National Security Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for authority to electronically intercept communications for foreign intelligence purposes that the secretive U.S. Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Court denied, the second year in a row that the court did not deny a single government request, according to a Justice Department document sent recently to congressional committees
>> Reuters | Posted May 3, 2016

3.75 million
Number of overtime hours logged by nurses and psychiatric technicians who work in California state hospitals, veterans' homes and prison medical facilities in fiscal 2014-15, costing taxpayers $179 million, according to a report by a bipartisan state commission critical of the use of overtime as "a staffing tool"
>> Sacramento Bee | Posted May 2, 2016

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