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Case backlog, as of April, in federal immigration courts, an all-time high driven by last summer's surge of illegal immigration from Central America, according to a new Syracuse University report
>> Los Angeles Times | Posted May 21, 2015

More than $36 million
Amount that Boston has spent over the past decade to resolve some 2,000 legal claims and lawsuits against its police department, with most of the money going for cases alleging wrongful convictions or police misconduct, including for people who were killed or suffered permanent injuries at the hands of officers
>> Boston Globe | Posted May 20, 2015

About 4,500
Hours of edited video of lectures that the University of California at Berkeley has been posting on YouTube and iTunesU annually for free access by anyone, a practice that university officials say is being ended to save about $300,000 a year, although new, unedited recordings will still be available to students on the campus
>> Chronicle of Higher Education | Posted May 19, 2015

Nearly 6,000
Number of U.S. Postal Service letter carriers who were attacked by dogs in 2014, a year in which Los Angeles, with 74 dog attacks, surpassed Houston as the most dangerous place for canine-postal interactions, according to Postal Service data released to coincide with National Dog Bite Prevention Week
>> Government Executive | Posted May 18, 2015

Number of military-service members who were court-martialed and sentenced to confinement last year as a result of reports by 6,131 fellow service members of sexual assault, with 3,934 of those reports resulting in investigations by military criminal-justice agencies, while in 1,471 of the cases the victims declined to identify the attackers, according to a recent Pentagon report
>> Military Times | Posted May 15, 2015

$16.9 million
Amount that the congressional "franking" privilege, which allows members of Congress to mail their constituents without postage, cost taxpayers in fiscal 2014, according to a Congressional Research Service report, a figure that has been cut dramatically in recent decades as the practice, which dates from colonial times, has continued to come under criticism as wasteful, unnecessary and vulnerable to abuse for political or personal gain
>> Government Executive | More data
About $200 million
Amount the U.S. Postal Service has saved so far this fiscal year as gasoline prices have remained lower than expected, according to the Postal Services's chief financial officer, who said the savings were mostly from the agency's delivery fleet of more than 200,000 vehicles
>> Federal Times | Posted May 14, 2015

$70.1 billion
Amount that people in the 43 states with lotteries spent on the games in 2014--more than $300 for each adult and more than all Americans spent on sports tickets, books, video games, movie tickets and recorded music
>> The Atlantic | Posted May 13, 2015

Percentage of public-school teachers who had mentors for their first year in the classroom who were still teaching five years later, compared to 71 percent who did not have mentors, according to a U.S. Department of Education study of 1,990 teachers who began in 2007-08
>> Education Week | Posted May 12, 2015

Number of incumbent Dallas mayors who have lost re-election bids since the city's voters began directly elected their mayors in 1949, a streak spanning 15 mayors including the current holder of the office, Mike Rawlings, who pulled in three-quarters of the vote Saturday to cruise to a second term
>> Dallas Morning News
Less than 5 percent
Percentage of the U.S. population that lives in a state legislative district in which last year's elections were hotly contested, with the two leading candidates finishing within 5 percentage points of each other, the lowest proportion in the last 40 years, according to a new study offering evidence of a historically polarized electorate
>> Washington Post | Posted May 11, 2015

Over 300%
Increase in annual Freedom of Information Act requests received by the State Department since fiscal year 2008, to nearly 20,000 in 2014, according to a department official who was among those appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee to defend efforts by federal agencies to reduce the backlog of FOIA requests, saying the process is becoming smoother and more efficient but is being overwhelmed by volume
>> Federal News Radio | Posted May 8, 2015

Amount that a Cook County, Ill., sheriff's correctional officer was paid for a single day's work last year, the result of 675 rather than 6.75 hours of overtime being entered into the sheriff's payroll system and a bonanza that the unidentified officer returned months later only after the error was discovered and which resulted in the officer being disciplined for failing to report the mistake
>> Chicago Sun-Times | Posted May 7, 2015

Percentage of federal senior executives who left their positions between April 2013 and July 2014 who said in an exit survey that no effort had been made to encourage them to stay, while a quarter of the executives said financial incentives, "verbal encouragement" or "greater engagement from senior leadership" might have changed their minds and 28 percent said that nothing would have encouraged them to stay in their jobs
>> Washington Post | Posted May 6, 2015

More than $1 billion
Amount that 23 states spent from October to March for snow removal and other winter-maintenance operations, devoting 8 million work hours and 6 million tons of salt, with crews in Massachusetts alone removing 17.5 billion cubic feet of snow from the state's roadways, according to a report by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
>> AP/Yahoo News | Posted May 5, 2015

Number of killings by police that were categorized as justifiable homicides in 2013, the latest year for which figures are available, a number that had ranged between 397 and 426 over the previous four years, while the number of uses of "categorical" force--gunfire, chokings and other forms of violence that could lead to death--by Los Angeles police decreased by 17 percent over seven years, to a total of 84 such incidents in 2012
>> New York Times | Posted May 4, 2015

Number of for-profit colleges and universities in Florida that records indicate have been sanctioned by the state's Commission for Independent Education, which is charged with monitoring the institutions and has received some 2,200 complaints about them in its 14-year history
>> Miami Herald | Posted May 1, 2015

Number of federal agencies that responded with complete, usable information to a Freedom of Information Act request by Syracuse University researchers for the electronic files that 21 federal agencies' FOIA offices use to keep track of the FOIA requests they receive
>> Government Executive | Posted April 30, 2015

Annual pension that Michelle Spence-Jones, who in her eight years as a Miami city commissioner--including two in which she was suspended from office--never received more than $58,200 in salary, will begin receiving when she turns 55, after the once-modest pensions afforded to elected officials were made more valuable by tweaks to the retirement trust and pay raises during the 2000s
>> Miami Herald | Posted April 29, 2015

Median base salary of city garbage-truck drivers in Los Angeles, compared to $43,200 for those doing the same job in the private sector, among several occupations represented by municipal-worker unions that are threatening to strike amid stalled contract negotiations whose base salaries are considerably higher--more than double for some job classifications--than salaries for those doing similar work in the private sector
>> Los Angeles Times | Posted April 28, 2015

More than $326 million
Amount that the city of Industry, Calif., which has about 400 residents but $140 million in annual revenue, has paid over the past 20 years to companies owned by former Mayor Dave Perez and members of his family, much of it for vague or even erroneous invoices that possibly resulted in massive overpayments, according to an audit by KPMG of the Orange County city's finances
>> Los Angeles Daily News | Posted April 27, 2015

About $2.8 million
Amount that the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority has paid to a Boston-based consulting firm, including payments of more than $500 an hour to some specialists and with additional payments expected to continue through the end of the year, on a no-bid contract to help the Philadelphia-area transit agency reduce its legal costs from injury claims
>> Philadelphia Inquirer | Posted April 24, 2015

Decline in revenue from speed cameras in Washington, D.C., from the $76 million that the enforcement devices brought in the previous fiscal year, suggesting that D.C. drivers have gotten wise to the locations of the speed camera's that stud the capital city's streets
>> Washington Post | Posted April 23, 2015

About 13%
Percentage of the nation's 3.4 million teachers who move to different schools or leave the profession altogether every year, according to a recent report for the Alliance for Excellent Education, which says that policies and technologies promising to dramatically revolutionize education that have been introduced over the past decade have not only failed to produce desired results but also have led to a decline in teacher morale
>> Quartz | Posted April 22, 2015

$22 million
Average amount that the state of North Carolina is spending annually to hire hundreds of professionals on personal-services contracts to fill what are supposed to be temporary needs for more doctors, attorneys, engineers and the like, a practice that a legislative unit that evaluates public services says is being used by agencies to evade oversight and should be eliminated
>> Raleigh News & Observer | Posted April 21, 2015

Rank--below only newspaper reporters and lumberjacks--of enlisted military-service members on's latest listing of worst jobs, which examines "core criteria" of "Environment, Income, Outlook and Stress" and ranks as the best three jobs those of actuary, audiologist and mathematican
>> Military Times | Posted April 20, 2015

Nearly 19 years
Time period since the Massachusetts legislature approved $75 million in bond money to build a new computer system linking the state's courthouses, a project that was supposed to take five years and is still not finished, with a state court official saying the project is now on track to be completed by November
>> Boston Globe | Posted April 17, 2015

Weekend greens fee for a New York City resident at the Trump Golf Links in the Bronx, the city's first new municipal golf course built since 1964 and, with greens fees about triple those of the city's other municipal courses, the Department of Parks and Recreation's first course with an emphasis on luxury despite being built atop a municipal landfill that was closed in 1963
>> New York Times | Posted April 16, 2015

Amount of federal taxes for 2014 paid by President Obama and his wife Michelle, whose tax return released by the White House showed $477,383 in adjusted gross income and charitable donations of $70,712
>> New York Times | Posted April 15, 2015

$2 million
Amount that Indiana's economic development and tourism agencies plan to spend with global public-relations firm Porter Novelli, plus however much is needed to purchase advertising, to help rebuild the state's image in the wake of the swirl of negative national attention surrounding Gov. Mike Pence's signing of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which the legislature later amended to forbid the erosion of local ordinances that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation
>> Indianapolis Star | Posted April 14, 2015

$1.03 trillion
Amount of U.S. Treasury securities held by the federal Civil Service Retirement System, the Federal Employee Retirement System and the Thrift Savings Plan, ranking federal employees, if they were a country, behind only China and Japan as holders of the federal debt
>> Federal Times
Number of federal and postal workers whose smart investing has left them with $1 million or more in their Thrift Savings Plan accounts, with another 21,458 having accounts worth between $750,000 and $999,999 and one federal worker sitting on more than $4.8 million
>> Federal News Radio
More than $88 million
Total amount of abandoned and forgotten funds sitting in the Thrift Savings Plan accounts of federal employees, retirees and beneficiaries, including $26 million from 2014, a number that has been rising every year
>> Federal Times | Posted April 13, 2015

1,041,000 gallons
Amount of water used at the Reno home of Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval in 2012, compared to about 124,000 gallons used in a year by the typical Reno home, making Sandoval, who this week signed an order establishing a panel of experts to come up with recommendations for how to respond to the state's four-year drought, to say that he is taking steps to cut back on outdoor irrigation on his nearly 1-acre lot and plans to remove turf in its yard
>> Reno Gazette-Journal | Posted April 10, 2015

Nearly $215 million
Amount Philadelphia paid city workers in overtime last year, an increase of $16 million from the previous year and the fourth straight year that overtime costs have climbed, with a major factor in the increase the city's efforts to hold hiring down to control benefit costs
>> | Posted April 9, 2015

Number of undocumented immigrants in California who as of a week ago had sought driver's licenses in the months after they became available to those living in the state illegally, far exceeding expectations and catching the Department of Motor Vehicles off-guard despite its efforts to brace for an anticipated surge by hiring more staff, opening new offices and extending hours
>> Sacramento Bee | Posted April 8, 2015

Average amount of hidden annual taxpayer subsidies per student at the top 10 wealthiest U.S. private universities due to the tax-free status of their endowments and property holdings, according to a new study recommending an excise tax on private colleges' endowments of more than $500 million that the study says could generate $6 billion for the federal government to use for President Obama's free community-college proposal and federal student-aid programs
>> Washington Post | Posted April 7, 2015

Number of California's some 1,800 judges who were disciplined last year by the state's Commission on Judicial Performance, with the rebukes ranging from public censure or admonishment to a confidential "advisory" letter for offenses that included delegating judicial duties to a clerk, belittling lawyers and litigants from the bench, and having sex in chambers
>> Los Angeles Times | Posted April 6, 2015

More than $1.3 billion
Amount that Los Angeles is pledging to spend over the next three decades to fix its massive backlog of broken sidewalks and make other improvements to help those with disabilities navigate the city as part of a tentative deal that would resolve a lawsuit filed by attorneys for the disabled who argued that crumbling, impassable sidewalks and other barriers violate the Americans With Disabilities Act
>> Los Angeles Times | Posted April 3, 2015

$2.357 billion
The final cost of the 13-year-long reconstruction of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, which connects Maryland and northern Virginia southeast of Washington, D.C., $86 million less than a 2010 budget estimate
>> Washington Post
More than 61,000
Number of American bridges that are structurally deficient, according to a new analysis by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association, reflecting an improvement from last year when ARTBA, in reviewing U.S. Department of Transportation records, found more than 63,000 bridges to be structurally deficient
>> USA Today | Posted April 2, 2015

$4.5 billion
Amount that Medicare spent last year on breakthrough medications that cure the liver disease hepatitis C that can cost $1,000 a day, more than 15 times what it spent the year before on older treatments for the disease and a cost that will be borne largely by federal taxpayers and also mean higher deductibles and out-of-pocket costs for many of the Medicare drug program's 39 million seniors and disabled enrollees
>> Washington Post | Posted April 1, 2015

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