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Number of editions of GovManagement Daily, which is ceasing publication today, that have been published since the newsletter was launched on April 5, 2010
>> | Posted Dec. 23, 2016

$1.2 million
This year's Kansas Lottery deficit, marking the sixth year in a row the lottery has run in the red despite bringing in a record $170.6 million in net profit this year and a gap resulting from the state's public pension fund and legislature taking more in lottery revenue than the games brought in
>> Wichita Eagle | Posted Dec. 22, 2016

Number of years that a copy of "Gone with the Wind" borrowed from the Brooklyn Public Library was overdue when Barbara Roston, a Manhattan resident who borrowed it on Nov. 18, 1959, realized that the book belonged to the library and returned it, making a $50 donation to the library after learning that because the book had not been registered in the library's computer system she would not have to pay a late fee of more than $1,000 for the 20,842 days the book was overdue
>> New York Times | Posted Dec. 21, 2016

At least 86
Number of people brandishing ultra-real-looking pellet guns, toy weapons and non-functioning firearms replicas shot to death by police over the past two years, with law enforcement officials saying it is virtually impossible to train officers to identify imitation firearms from any distance and that, short of eliminating the them, police have little choice but to assume the guns are lethal
>> Washington Post
Number of pistol transfers that, as of the end of September, has not been entered into a Washington state firearms database that is used by authorities for a variety of investigative purposes as State Department of Licensing officials seek $382,000 in the next state budget to hire a private data-entry firm to catch up
>> Everett Herald | Posted Dec. 20, 2016

Number of "faithless electors"--members of the Electoral College who, for whatever reason, did not vote for their party's designated presidential candidate--in the nation's history, including 71 who changed their votes because the original candidate died before the day on which the Electoral College cast its votes, 83 who changed their votes on their personal initiative and three who chose to abstain rather than vote for their party's nominee
>> | Posted Dec. 19, 2016

Prize that NASA is offering via the crowdsourcing platform HeroX, with a deadline of Dec. 20, in its "Space Poop Challenge," which is looking for suggestions on how to create a device that will fit compactly inside a spacesuit and safely collect and store human waste for six days
>> Quartz | Posted Dec. 16, 2016

Number of doctorates that were awarded by American universities in 2015, a record, although the rate of growth, 1.9 percent, continued a several-year decline and the recipients were more likely to be men and to be American citizens or permanent residents than they were the year before, according to the latest version of a federally supported survey
>> Inside Higher Ed | Posted Dec. 15, 2016

The return on investment, in earning power for the student and savings in public programs such as welfare, criminal justice and health care, from every dollar spent on early-childhood education, according to a new study by a team led by Nobel Prize-winning economist James Heckman that followed 131 children over 35 years
>> Dallas Morning News | Posted Dec. 14, 2016

Number of complaints filed with the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights in fiscal 2016, more than two and a half times the number filed in fiscal 2009, according to a new report from the department highlighting the office's work during the Obama administration on issues ranging from teacher and staffing inequities in schools to chronic absenteeism to racial disparities in school discipline policies
>> Education Week | Posted Dec. 13, 2016

Chicago homeowners' recycling rate, one labeled as "dismal" by city officials and which is prompting Mayor Rahm Emanuel's administration to move toward simplifying the rules for recycling and explore the possibility of offering homeowners who do recycle a break on their $9.50-a-month garbage-collection fee
>> Chicago Sun-Times | Posted Dec. 12, 2016

Percentage of Wyoming residents who want state-government spending to stay the same or increase, according to a University of Wyoming poll that also found that, despite the state's tax-averse reputation, a majority of Wyomingites are open to some tax increases, results that come as the legislature considers cutting programs to close a $157 million hole in the state budget
>> Casper Star Tribune | Posted Dec. 9, 2016

Three-year graduation rate of a group of City University of New York students seeking associates' degrees, up from 22 percent, who were part of a randomized trial that CUNY ran in partnership with the research firm MDRC that tested an innovative program including intensive academic support and financial incentives
>> Brookings Institution | Posted Dec. 8, 2016

About $6,000
Amount that a fake United States embassy that was raided and shut down this summer after operating in Accra, Ghana, for the last decade, with its staff posing as consular officials beneath of photo of President Obama as an American flag flew outside, was charging unsuspecting Ghanians and other West Africans for fake passports, visas and other documents
>> Quartz | Posted Dec. 7, 2016

$7.85 million
Amount that Fairfax County, Va., has agreed to pay to settle a lawsuit brought in 2014 by 176 fire captains who argued that they were first responders who, under the Fair Labor Standards Act, should receive overtime pay, while the county maintained that the captains, who are fifth-highest in the fire department's chain of command, were administrators who should not get overtime
>> Washington Post | Posted Dec. 6, 2016

About $50,000
Amount that the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency estimates that shutting down ticket machines in subway stations and throwing open the fare gates Nov. 25 and 26 cost the agency, which refused to give in to a ransom demand for $73,000 by a cyber-extortionist who hacked into the transit system's computers
>> San Francisco Chronicle | Posted Dec. 5, 2016

About 50
Number of handguns, along with 80,000 rounds of ammunition, confiscated by Arizona state troopers from the state Department of Economic Security's basement shortly after director Tim Jeffries--who had expanded the agency's armed police force--was forced to resign and escorted from the building, according to the agency's interim director, who said troopers followed Jeffries to his Scottsdale home where they confiscated a handgun he had purchased for himself with public funds
>> Arizona Republic | Posted Dec. 2, 2016

At least 50
Number of public colleges and universities that have lowered non-resident tuition by more than 10 percent in recent years without making similar reductions for in-state students, aiming, particularly in areas seeing declining numbers of traditional college-age students, to reverse enrollment dips and increase revenue
>> AP/Yahoo News | Posted Dec. 1, 2016

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