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Average of the performance bonuses awarded to senior executives at the National Science Foundation in fiscal 2014, the most generous among federal agencies, while the State Department handed out the lowest average executive bonus, $8,434, and the average amount of individual performance awards across the government increased by $347 over the previous fiscal year, according to Office of Personnel Management data
>> Government Executive | Posted Nov. 20, 2015

Percentage of senior executives across the federal government who received bonuses in fiscal 2014, 12.2 percent more than in 2013, with the average amount of performance awards rising by $347 to $10,560
>> Government Executive | Posted Nov. 19, 2015

$700 million
Amount in energy costs that the Defense Department could save each year by using digital thermostats, according to a new report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies saying that the military has been too slow to embrace the network of devices and sensors known as the Internet of Things
>> Nextgov | Posted Nov. 18, 2015

Percentage of black millennials who say they or someone they know has been harassed or treated violently by police, compared to 32.8 percent of whites and 24.8 percent of Latinos between the ages of 18 and 34, according to a new University of Chicago study
>> Los Angeles Times | Posted Nov. 17, 2015

Number of desks that the new Department of Homeland Security headquarters under construction in southeast Washington, D.C., which will house 17,000 workers, would have under a strategy for finishing the troubled project being pitched to Congress by the Obama administration that would reduce the square footage allotted for each employee from the original 230 to 155 and cut the project's cost from $4.5 billion to $3.7 billion
>> Washington Post | Posted Nov. 16, 2015

More than 11,700
Number of data centers that federal agencies now report having, some 2,700 more than the tally in 2014 and a number that compares to an estimate of 1,100 in 2009, when the Office of Management and Budget initiated its data-center consolidation effort, with federal CIO Tony Scott saying that "there has been some degree of confusion" over the definition of a data center
>> Federal News Radio | Posted Nov. 13, 2015

More than 15,000
Number of wireless emergency alerts that have been sent to the cellphones of millions of Americans in the path of approaching weather hazards--such as tornadoes, flash floods and hurricanes--since a geographically targeted system developed by a team at the National Weather Service was launched in 2012
>> Washington Post | Posted Nov. 12, 2015

Amount that 18F, the General Services Administration's digital-services team, is paying for software from a freelance developer to help contracting personnel estimate labor costs after the team, in a pilot using a reverse-auction system for development work classified as a "micro-purchase," set a starting bid of $3,499
>> FedScoop | Posted Nov. 10, 2015

$3.1 billion
Estimated final cost for a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services project that was originally supposed to cost a half-billion dollars and be completed by 2013 to replace its antiquated approach to managing immigration with digitized records, online applications and electronic forms but which, after a decade of work, has produced only a single form for online applications and a single type of fee that can be paid electronically
>> Washington Post | Posted Nov. 9, 2015

Less than 1%
Percentage of the $1.69 trillion paid in Social Security Disability Program benefits from 2005 to 2014 that amounted to overpayments to beneficiaries who earned too much money to qualify for full benefits, a total of $11 billion, while all but $1.4 billion--0.12 percent of the overall amount paid out--was eventually recovered, according to a Government Accountability Office report
>> Washington Post | Posted Nov. 6, 2015

Percentage of college and university faculty members who say they are not engaged in their work, according to a new Inside Higher Ed survey conducted by Gallup that assessed workers' sense of belonging based on 12 questions, while 34 percent of the faculty members surveyed indicated that they are engaged in their jobs.
>> Inside Higher Ed | Posted Nov. 5, 2015

More than $900 million
Amount that New York state plans to spend by 2020, after years of disinvestment, on capital projects in its state parks and historic sites as a result of a sustained push by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, with some 25 flagship state parks, including Niagara Falls and Jones Beach, benefiting from especially large infusions of money
>> New York Times | Posted Nov. 4, 2015

1.2 million
Number of collection letters Louisiana's Office of Motor Vehicles mailed out seeking as much as $444 million in fines from about 550,000 motorists for allowing their insurance coverage to lapse, an effort that the leader of the agency defended, saying it was aimed at clearing records and wasn't a "money grab" for the cash-strapped agency, while the mailing has generated complaints from drives who say they're sold the vehicles or registered them in other states where they've moved
>> AP/Baton Rouge Advocate | Posted Nov. 3, 2015

$334 million
Amount that federal agencies spent in fiscal 2014 on 825 active advisory committees, which "allow experts from outside the federal government to provide advice and recommendations" and last year had more than 68,000 members who generally earn special pay and travel compensation for their work advising agencies, according to a Congressional Research Service report
>> Government Executive | Posted Nov. 2, 2015

Number of job titles that remain on California's state-government organizational charts--including, for example, four varieties of custodians--after the elimination of 515 by Gov. Jerry Brown's administration
>> Sacramento Bee | Posted Oct. 30, 2015

About 736,000
Number of reports that the office of the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration says it has received over the past two years of a telephone scam in which the caller claims to be from the IRS and demands the payment of unpaid taxes, threatening arrest or even deportation, according to a warning issued by the IG saying about 4,550 victims have lost $23 million
>> Federal News Radio | Posted Oct. 29, 2015

Number of pricey SUVs leased by the Federal Protective Service--101 more than the Department of Homeland Security unit's number of full-time officers who protect federal buildings--when less-expensive midsize sedans could have generally done the job, according to a new report by DHS Inspector General John Roth saying that the agency could have saved more than $2.5 million on vehicles last year by being more cost-effective
>> Washington Post | Posted Oct. 28, 2015

Decrease in the number of calls from the yellow emergency phone boxes on the Pennsylvania Turnpike between 2000 and 2012, a period during which ownership of cellphones among adults grew to the same percentage, with state legislation now pending that would allow the Turnpike Commission to remove the call boxes and save $200,000 a year in upkeep costs
>> Allentown Morning Call | Posted Oct. 27, 2015

Number of federal employees who received federal student-loan repayment benefits last year--a 15 percent increase from the number in 2013--with 33 agencies awarding a total of more than $58.7 million
>> Government Executive | Posted Oct. 26, 2015

More than 3.8 million
Number of people who visited Yellowstone National Park last month, more than entered it in any previous September, with the park setting a new annual visitation record three months before the end of the year
>> Reuters | Posted Oct. 23, 2015

More than $500 million
Amount that the University of California has earned from patents on the hepatitis B vaccine, the nicotine patch that helps smokers quit and the tasty Camarosa strawberry, with colleges around the country placing more attention and resources on helping researchers obtain patents for their inventions and then market them to private industry
>> Los Angeles Times | Posted Oct. 22, 2015

$31 billion
Amount spent by the federal government on cybersecurity in fiscal year 2014, a fivefold increase from the $6 billion spent in fiscal 2011, with the largest amount, $15 billion, spent on what the company that reported the numbers categorized as "offensive cyber," defined as a "proactive and adversarial approach" to protecting federal systems
>> FedScoop | Posted Oct. 21, 2015

Number of bystanders injured during Los Angeles Police Department vehicle pursuits from 2006 to 2014, a rate that is more than double that for police pursuits in the rest of California, with experts who study police pursuits saying the LAPD increases the risk of bystanders' injuries by allowing officers to chase motorists suspected of relatively minor offenses, including intoxicated or reckless driving, who are more likely to drive faster and erratically while trying to escape police
>> Los Angeles Times | Posted Oct. 20, 2015

Increase in the property values of Detroit homes within 500 feet of where more than 5,800 blighted and abandoned structures have been removed, representing a citywide increase in home values of more than $209 million, according to a new report that comes at a time when state and federal money for demolition is drying up
>> Detroit News | Posted Oct. 19, 2015

Percentage of Internet users between the ages of 16 and 35 in the United States and the United Kingdom who say they have no trust or only a little in their national governments' ability to safeguard their online information, while 38 percent express the same low levels of trust in retailers, according to survey of about 2,000 millennials by Intercede, an identity-management company
>> Nextgov | Posted Oct. 16, 2015

Percentage of this year's freshman class of 6,071 at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor that is made up of underrepresented minorities, a nearly 3 percent increase from last year and the largest percentage since 2005, with Hispanics making up the largest minority group among both freshmen and the overall student body
>> Detroit News | Posted Oct. 15, 2015

Percentage of NASA employees who say they are satisfied with their pay, the highest score among large federal agencies and one that compares to a 57 percent average score across all agencies, according to the latest Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey
>> Government Executive | Posted Oct. 14, 2015

More than 10,000
Number of maintenance problems that a new smartphone application the city of Detroit launched in April has aided the city's government in resolving, including the cleanup of about 3,000 illegal dumping sites, the repair of 2,000 potholes, the removal of 550 abandoned vehicles and the repair of 275 traffic signals
>> AP/Detroit News | Posted Oct. 13, 2015

Number of new female officers the U.S. Border Patrol had hired by the end of the fiscal year Sept. 30 in its first-ever female recruitment program that had a goal of hiring as many as 1,600 women by that date, with several hundred candidates out of the 3,972 who applied for the jobs still being vetted and given background checks
>> Washington Post | Posted Oct. 9, 2015

More than $36,000
Amount donated to Philadelphia Sheriff Jewell Williams' campaign fund since 2012 by employees of the sheriff's department, where 21 deputies earned enough overtime in the fiscal year that ended June 30 to boost their annual pay well into six figures as the department exceeded its overtime budget by $2.5 million, with Williams saying the donations had nothing to do with overtime earnings
>> Philadelphia Inquirer | Posted Oct. 8, 2015

About 11 trillion
Gallons of rain that soaked North and South Carolina over the past week causing catastrophic flooding that killed more than a dozen people, a downpour that could fill 636 million 16-by-32-foot swimming pools and would be enough to end the drought now gripping California
>> USA Today | Posted Oct. 7, 2015

Decrease since 2010 in the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey score for "global satisfaction"--which measures workers' happiness with pay, their individual jobs and the overall organization--for the Department of Homeland Security, the biggest drop-off among large agencies
>> Government Executive | Posted Oct. 6, 2015

Almost $750,000
Amount raised as of early this morning on the crowdfunding website GoFundMe for to help pay the medical bills of Chris Mintz, the 30-year-old Army veteran and Umpqua Community College student who was shot seven times and perhaps saved lives while charging the gunman who killed nine people and himself last Thursday at the Roseburg, Ore., college, while a petition on the White House's We the People website calling for President Obama to award Mintz the Presidential Medal of Freedom had garnered more than 6,600 signatures
>> The Oregonian | Posted Oct. 5, 2015

Number of mass shootings in the United States in 2015 as of yesterday, an average of more than one a day and a total that includes Thursday's slayings at an Oregon community college, according to Mass Shooting Tracker, which counts as a mass shooting an incident in which four or more people are killed or injured by gunfire
>> Washington Post
Percentage of the 644 million guns owned by civilians around the world that are possessed by Americans, who make up 4.4 percent of the world's population
>> | Posted Oct. 2, 2015

$37.1 million
Amount that California state agencies have paid in penalties to their vendors over the past decade for violating the state's Prompt Payment Act by failing to pay undisputed invoices within 45 calendar days of receipt
>> Sacramento Bee
$1.59 million
Additional rebates that vendors acknowledged owing the federal government during a three-month experiment in which the signature box on a form for reporting rebates was placed at the beginning rather than at the end, among the early successes of a year-old effort by the Obama administration to apply academic research on human behavior to the business of running government
>> New York Times | Posted Oct. 1, 2015

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