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$1 million
Amount that officials in Pennsylvania, which in 2010 centralized human-resources functions for executive-branch departments, say the state is saving annually as a result of an online onboarding program for new hires that gives the them access to a website where can fill out paperwork, enroll in benefits, learn about office policies and explore their new jobs before starting work
>> Governing | Posted July 28, 2013

1.9 million
Visitors to Michigan's national parks last year, down from 2.2 million the year before, with the boost to the state's economy declining from $181.7 million in 2012 to $166.4 million last year, according to a study by three U.S. Geological Survey economosts who wrote that while many factors can influence park visitation a major one was last October's federal-government shutdown
>> Detroit News | Posted July 25, 2013

10.2 million square feet
Amount of federal office and warehouse space that was cut in 2013 under the White House management initiative known as "Freezing the Federal Footprint," according Beth Cobert, deputy director for management at the Office of Management and Budget, who announced the number following an inventory of 24 agencies
>> Government Executive | Posted July 24, 2013

Number of Liberty County, Texas, sheriff's deputies, out of a force of 37, who are receiving or have applied for food stamps, according to the department's public-information officer, who wrote that the county's deputies earn less than their counterparts in similar counties, starting at $36,800 annually, and don't have a "step pay" system to earn more money with increasing years of service
>> Houston Chronicle | Posted July 23, 2013

Increase in the size of the federal workforce--a total of about 158,000 employees, excluding military and Postal Service personnel--during President Obama's time in the White House, reflecting a period of rapid growth during the early part of Obama's tenure that was followed by a shrinkage of 1.4 percent between 2011 and 2013
>> Washington Post | Posted July 22, 2013

Number of trees commemorating each of the soldiers who died in the line of duty during the Civil War that are being planted or dedicated along the scenic 180-mile corridor between Gettysburg, Pa., and Charlottesville, Va., by the Journey through Hallowed Ground Partnership, whose goal is to have all of the trees grown to maturity by the time of the war's bicentennial in 50 years
>> Military Times | Posted July 21, 2013

More than $20,000
Total of three tax liens that the Michigan Treasury Department has filed against the Central Intelligence Agency for withholding tax on behalf of people the spy agency employs in Michigan that the state says the CIA failed to pay between March 2011 and December 2013
>> Detroit Free Press | Posted July 18, 2013

More than $2.23 million
Cost to Wisconsin taxpayers in 2013 for protecting Gov. Scott Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, an amount that has more than tripled during Walker's time in office, is largely the result of a beefed-up security team and around-the-clock surveillance of Walker's home, and includes the costs of security for Walker on at least 110 out-of-state trips during his first three years in office
>> Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | Posted July 17, 2013

About 80%
Percentage of Dallas's 1,500 traffic signals that are outdated relics of the 1980s operated by a computer system no longer supported by the manufacturer, with the city deferring maintenance on them and simply fixing them as they break while the city's Department of Street Services pushes for a system overhaul that could take 25 years and cost $200 million
>> Dallas Morning News | Posted July 16, 2013

Decrease in federal travel spending since fiscal 2010, from $9.5 billion to about $6.9 billion, as agencies dealt with tight budgets as well as new travel restrictions put in place in the wake of the scandal over a 2010 General Services Administration conference that cost $823,000 and resulted in the agency's top leaders being forced out
>> Federal Times | Posted July 15, 2013

Number of notices sent by the Selective Service System to more than 14,000 Pennsylvania men born between 1893 and 1897--the youngest of whom would be turning 117 this year--ordering them to register for the military draft, an error blamed on a glitch that originated with the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles, which still uses a two-digit code to indicate year of birth, during an automated data transfer of nearly 400,000 records
>> AP/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | Posted July 14, 2013

Percentage of major rural roads in Connecticut whose pavement is in poor condition, topping the list of six states with 30 percent or more of their major rural thoroughfares in a deteriorated state, according a new report from TRIP, a nonprofit transportation group
>> USA Today | Posted July 11, 2013

$11.63 billion
Amount spent by the federal government last year fror security-classification activities, a sharp increase from the $9.77 billion spent the previous year and the largest amount spent since the government began releasing figures on its security-classification costs in 1995, according to the National Archives and Records Administration's Information Security Oversight Office
>> Federal Times | Posted July 10, 2013

As much as $16.5 billion
Amount that federal agencies will spend by 2024 for the costs of storing redundant copies of non-production data if current trends continue, according to a study by MeriTalk saying that the redundant storage works against a mandate to consolidate government data centers
>> Federal Times | Posted July 9, 2013

Increase in the State Department's workforce between 2009 and 2013, the most of any federal department, while the Treasury Department shrank the most during that period, shedding nearly 9 percent of its employees
>> Washington Post | Posted July 8, 2013

$8.5 billion
Amount spent by the Department of Veterans Affairs from 2010 to 2012 to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, along with $789 million spent by the Department of Defense for treatment of PTSD, although neither the V.A. nor the Pentagon has mechanisms in place for determining whether that spending resulted in effective or adequate care, according to a congressionally mandated report from the Institute of Medicine
>> Nextgov | Posted July 7, 2013

Payout--covering unused sick, vacation, personal and holiday time, plus severance pay guaranteed by his contract--that was due to Lodi, N.J., police chief Vincent Caruso upon his retirement in May, an amount that the community is borrowing over five years to pay in two installments and which is over and above his $10,412-a-month pension after nearly 27 years with the force
>> The Record of Bergen County | Posted June 27, 2013

$22 million
Amount that the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority owes the city of Philadelphia in delinquent taxes on transit-agency properties that it leases to private businesses, a debt that soon will be wiped from the books under a new 30-year agreement between SEPTA and the city absolving the agency of the requirement to make good on the delinquency
>> | Posted June 26, 2013

About 22,700
Number of tax-foreclosed properties in Wayne County, Mich., the vast majority of them located in Detroit, that were auctioned off since 2011 to new owners who also didn't pay taxes amounting to more than $80 million, the subject of a lawsuit filed by the county to reclaim the properties in its latest attempt to end a cycle of abandonment and speculation
>> Detroit News | Posted June 25, 2013

Amount that Oregon state Rep. Dennis Richardson, the top Republican nominee for governor who was dubbed the "spam king" by political opponents in 2012 after he used public-records laws to obtain and use hundreds of thousands of personal email addresses, was charged this February for 418,958 email addresses obtained through another records request to the legislature
>> The Oregonian | Posted June 24, 2013

More than 400
Number of large U.S. military drones that have crashed in major accidents around the world since 2001, slamming into homes, farms, runways, highways, waterways and, in one case, an Air Force C-130 Hercules transport plane in midair, resulting in no reported loss of life but raising safety questions as commercial drone flights are set to become widespread in the United States under a 2012 federal law
>> Washington Post | More data
Number of drones that will be allowed to be operated by visitors to national parks and over other lands and waters under the National Park Service's jurisdiction as the result of an order issued by NPS Director Jonathan Jarvis citing noise, nuisance and safety concerns
>> The Hill | Posted June 23, 2013

More than 4 million
Number of wild animals exterminated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services to "resolve human/wildlife conflicts" in fiscal year 2013, the most since 2008 and a total that included 75,326 coyotes, 866 bobcats, 528 river otters, 12,186 prairie dogs, 419 black bears and at least three eagles
>> Washington Post | Posted June 20, 2013

Percentage of college and university presidents surveyed for research from the University of Toledo who opposed allowing students, faculty or visitors to carry concealed handguns on campus, while 69 percent also did not support concealed handguns being carried off campus
>> Boulder Daily Camera
Percentage of guns seized from gang members, felons and drug traffickers in eight U.S. cities over a decade that were handguns, not the assault rifles often depicted in Hollywood crime dramas, according to a new study
>> Reuters | Posted June 19, 2013

$23.7 billion
Amount paid by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services--the equivalent of the gross national product of Costa Rica--to hospitals and medical professionals from 2011 through April 2014 to adopt electronic health records, an effort that a consulting group blasted for a lack of interoperability it described as a serious impediment to the exchange of health data
>> Nextgov | Posted June 18, 2013

Percentage of 1,721 Pittsburgh public-school teachers who were listed as distinguished or advanced in the first official results of a new teacher-performance ratings system, while 28 teachers, or 1.6 percent, were considered to be failing and given unsatisfactory ratings
>> Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | Posted June 17, 2013

Amount that Seattle City Light has spent since last fall on a contract with an online reputation-management company to create positive blog items and articles about the public electric utility and its CEO in what the contract describes as an effort to "lessen the prevalence any negative or less-relevant stories" in Internet searches
>> Seattle Times | Posted June 16, 2013

Number of bids North Carolina's Department of Transportation received before an auction on eBay closed for a 1998 Sikorsky S-76 helicopter that the agency is trying to sell, with a minimum bid of $1.5 million, because of its high operation and maintenance costs and low usage
>> AP/Raleigh News & Observer | Posted June 13, 2013

More than 61,400
Number of jobs the federal government lost from December 2010 to December 2013 as sequestration, congressional budget cuts and hiring freezes took their toll on the workforce, along with workers leaving on waves of buyouts or early-retirement offerings
>> Federal Times | Posted June 12, 2013

Percentage of voters in Tuesday's Nevada Democratic gubernatorial primary who cast ballots of "none of these candidates," more votes than any of the eight candidates on the ballot received, with retired state economic-development commissioner Robert Goodman winning the nomination with just 25 percent of the vote
>> Politico | Posted June 11, 2013

Percentage of more than 234,000 teachers in 40 big-city public-school systems who were absent for at least one of every 10 school days during the 2012-13 school year, the same as the percentage of teachers who were absent for three or fewer days during the year, according to a study that found no correlation between teacher absences and poverty levels of schools
>> National Council on Teacher Quality | Posted June 10, 2013

Growth in local-government employment so far this year, with the sector posting a gain of 11,000 jobs in May, while state-government employment has fallen by 2,000 jobs since the beginning of the year and federal government employment has decreased by 31,000 positions
>> Governing
More than two-thirds
Portion of people who work for the city of Los Angeles who live outside the city, with only 21 percent of police-department employees and 16 percent of fire-department employees calling the city home, while nearly 48 percent of the highest-paid city employees live in the city, compared to 20 percent of the lowest-paid city workers
>> Los Angeles Times | Posted June 9, 2013

Number of Californians, 9.8 percent of those casting ballots in Tuesday's voting for secretary of state, who voted for state Sen. Leland Yee, who was suspended from the legislature and withdrew from the race--too late for his name to be removed from the ballot--after he was arrested on charges including conspiring to traffic firearms and participate in a murder-for-hire scheme
>> San Francisco Chronicle | Posted June 6, 2013

Number of the 1,200 appeals by federal employees of last year's sequestration furloughs that had been adjudicated by March 31, out of some 32,400 filed, that were upheld by Merit Systems Protection Board hearing officers, according to a new MSPB report
>> Government Executive | Posted June 5, 2013

Amount that Verizon is charging the Marine Corps per month per user for mobile-device-management services under an agreement in which each user may use up to 10 smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices, compared to the Defense Information Systems Agency's charges of $7.36 per month per device for unclassified service, after the Marine Corps in search of lower costs for secure mobile-communication services, decided last year to look outside of the Defense Department
>> Nextgov | Posted June 4, 2013

Estimated number of the nation's same-sex married couples, which the Census Bureau will for the first time be categorizing as families rather than as unmarried partners in the results of the 2013 American Community Survey, which will be reported in September
>> Washington Post | Posted June 3, 2013

Number of Department of Veterans Affairs employees who were fired for disciplinary or performance reasons in fiscal 2013, about 0.7 percent of the agency's workforce and more than any other Cabinet-level agency, a number that included two Senior Executive Service employees, according to Office of Personnel Management data
>> Government Executive | Posted June 2, 2013

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