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NEWS: Nov. 15, 2011
Public Assembly | New York City
Police Clear Occupy Wall Street Camp
Hundreds of police officers cleared the park in lower Manhattan that had been the nexus of the Occupy Wall Street movement early this morning, arresting dozens of people after warning that the nearly two-month-old camp would be "cleared and restored" and that demonstrators who did not leave would face arrest.
>> New York Times
Evicted from Plaza, Occupy Oakland Protesters Return
In Oakland, Calif., about 1,000 Occupy Oakland protesters returned Monday night to Frank Ogawa Plaza outside City Hall, 12 hours after police evicted the movement's tent city.
>> San Francisco Chronicle

Public Workforce | The Nation
At Issue: Insourcing of Troubled Federal Jobs Site
The Office of Personnel Management's ability to handle large-scale technology programs will be among the issues considered by congressional lawmakers today amid the fallout from the troubled relaunch. The biggest question: whether OPM should have taken the job-search site in-house in the first place.
>> Federal News Radio
OPM Aims to Clear Pension-Claims Backlog
The Office of Personnel Management plans to hire 40 more claims examiners to help process federal pension claims and eliminate a backlog that keeps many new retirees waiting six months or more.
>> Federal Times

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch
Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch
Politics | Wisconsin
Recall Effort Launching
Against Governor,
Lieutenant Governor

Taking the next step in a battle that's been in the works since February over curbs on collective bargaining for public employees, organizers planned a kickoff early this morning for efforts to gather more than a half-million recall petitions against Republican Gov. Scott Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch.
>> Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
New York City Comptroller's Fund-Raising Probed
Federal authorities are investigating the fund-raising operation of New York City Comptroller John C. Liu, seeking records from his campaign and from a city contractor whose employees were listed as having contributed thousands of dollars.
>> New York Times

Cybersecurity | Virginia
University Hacking Exposed Data on 176,000
Servers at Virginia Commonwealth University were hacked late last month, potentially exposing Social Security numbers for more than 176,000 faculty, staff, students and affiliates at the university and the VCU Health System. No patient information was involved.

A morphine lollipop
A 'morphine lollipop'
Military Personnel | Afghanistan
New Painkiller for Wounded
Marines: 'Morphine Lollipop'

Navy corpsmen assigned to Marine Corps units in Afghanistan have a new tool for numbing the pain of a severe battlefield wound. It's known as a "morphine lollipop," although the active ingredient is the drug fentanyl, a painkiller far more powerful than morphine first developed for cancer patients.
>> Military Times

Regulation | The Nation
Consumer-Product Agency Faces Partisan Gridlock
Evenly split along party lines, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is facing the prospect of partisan gridlock. CPSC is embroiled in an ideological battle over the role of government oversight being fought on the terrain of toys, cribs and other products.
>> Washington Post

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl
Luke Ravenstahl
Municipal Finance | Pittsburgh
Mayor: End State's Fiscal Oversight
Mayor Luke Ravenstahl used his annual budget address to tout the city's financial recovery and afterward announced that he'll be in Harrisburg today to talk to legislators about ending seven years of state fiscal oversight. Ravenstahl cited balanced budgets, bond upgrades and $243 million in debt reduction.
>> Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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$2.4 million
Amount that Oakland, Calif., officials say the city has spent so far, including $1.1 million in police costs alone, to deal with the Occupy Oakland protests
>> San Francisco Chronicle

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis
Karen Lewis
Now, you know he went to a private school because if he had gone to a public school he would have had that lisp fixed.
Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis, referring to Arne Duncan, the federal education secretary and former CEO of the Chicago public schools, in remarks to teachers' union leadership that were captured in a YouTube video, comments for which Lewis called Duncan to apologize
>> Chicago Tribune

Compensation | Charles Chieppo
Paying for Performance at the Top
The news that $250,000 has been set aside to fund performance bonuses for top executives of the agency that manages Massachusetts' state pension fund, whose value rose $9 billion last year alone, is producing the predictable populist resentment. But performance pay must become part of the culture if public service is to become the meritocracy that would best serve taxpayers.
>> Governing

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Nov. 17, 1 p.m. ET

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Webinar: "Climate Action Planning: Part 1"
Nov. 17, 2 p.m. ET

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